The Privatization of the Amazon




Amazon, privatization, environment, private property, Austrian economics


This article explores the privatization of the Amazon. Based on a theoretical framework founded upon the tragedy of the commons, economic calculation, and dynamic efficiency, an analysis of the consequences of privatization is developed, trying to assess the environmental issue and how forests and pollution would be affected. Economic problems, such as the costs of pollution, short-term goals, and scarcity of resources are
addressed. Sustainable alternatives for logging, and how privatization is an engine to carry out such measures, are exposed. The privatization of the forest is contrasted against the current environmental policy, focusing on the demarcation of indigenous lands and its consequences. From an economic and ethical point of view, defending a legal framework of strong protection of property rights, it is demonstrated that privatization is the best solution for conflict resolution and the maintenance of the Amazon rainforest.


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Author Biography

Marcos Cantaluppi Plá, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Espanha

Master Degree Austrian School of Economics (Economics)


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