Instructions for Authors

1) Download the submission template.

2) In order to accelerate publication, submit the original document in this template.

3) The .DOC files should not contain the names or affiliations of any of the authors of the article.

4) Choose the most appropriate section for your paper. Section policy can be accessed here.

5) From the manuscript submission process till the publication of the article, authorship information is restricted to the Editors  and should be included only in the author registration field during the electronic submission.

6) The Journal uses a plagiarism detection system software.

To avoid plagiarism, authors should be aware of the following recommendations:

- Paraphrasing: put the idea in your own words. Make sure not to make a literal copy of more than two words in a text line. If you use longer sentences, use quotation marks.

- Citations: follow the Vancouver style formatting guidelines. It involves adding the names of the authors and the date of publication or similar information. Failing to cite correctly may constitute plagiarism. When citing a source, use the phrase exactly as it appears in the original text. Citations with more than four lines should be highlighted in a text block with a 1-cm indent on the left in font size 11, also in italics, but without quotation marks.

- Making reference to a citation: this practice involves adding a page or paragraph number in case of online content.

- Self-citation: the authors should self-cite when citing their own previously published ideas. Using previously published material without proper reference constitutes self-plagiarism.